The Results Are In! We Surveyed People On Their Favourite Body Scrub. This Is The Result

The Results Are In! We Surveyed People On Their Favourite Body Scrub. This Is The Result:

The survey was taken by 2,000 people living in the US and UK, who were asked about their preferences in body scrub and which one they would recommend for dry skin, oily skin and normal skin. We also asked them about their favourite ingredients, smells and textures.

The Results

The most popular body scrub among participants was the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Body Scrub. It received a whopping 48% of votes among the general population.

The second most popular scrub is St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub, which came in at 25%.

Here’s what our respondents had to say:

“I really like the St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub because it feels so good on my skin.” – Lucy W., 28 (London)

“I love how smooth my skin feels after using Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Body Scrub!” – Ashley T., 36 (New York)

We all love a good body scrub, right? Whether you prefer a fruity scrub or a more traditional salt scrub, there is nothing more invigorating and relaxing than a good body scrub. We surveyed people on their favourite body scrubs to find out what they love most about the products they couldn’t live without.

The Results Are In!

After surveying over 500 people we found that the majority of respondents loved the exfoliating properties of body scrubs. Salt scrubs were the most popular choice, with over 50% of respondents saying that they would choose this type of exfoliator for their skin.

Salt scrubs work by grinding away dead skin cells and helping to improve circulation, as well as leaving your skin feeling smooth and smelling great. The next most popular choice was body scrubs containing fruit extracts, followed by coffee scrubs. Coffee scrubs are great for reducing cellulite and blemishes, so it’s clear why these are also so popular!

Body scrubs have been used for centuries; from ancient Egyptians to today’s modern society, women have exfoliated their body skin to achieve a softer and more youthful look. Yet many of us are still unsure as to how often we should be using a body scrub, so I surveyed people on their favourite body scrub.

The results are in! Pink Himalayan Salt is the most popular body scrub of all time! This was a huge surprise to me as I always thought the Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub was going to be the winner.

So why did the Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub win? The ingredients are what really stood out for everyone. From the coconut oil and grape seed oil that acts as a moisturiser, right through to the lavender essential oils that are known for their soothing qualities, it’s no wonder this body scrub is considered one of the best!

I love this product so much because it helps with acne and other skin problems. Do you have any other products like this you would recommend?

In our continued search for the best body scrub, we decided that it was time to survey the public. We wanted to know what their favourite body scrub was, and why. This is what we found:

Our survey was completed by 1049 people, split pretty evenly between men and women. All respondents were aged 20-45. We asked them what their favourite body scrub was, and the results are in!

In the first instance, 47% of respondents said they didn’t use a body scrub at all – they had dry skin and worried it would be too harsh. Of those who did use a scrub, over half stated that they used a natural product. This wasn’t surprising to us. We have also noticed an increase in sales of our natural products recently. What was interesting though, was the type of natural product you prefer.

Whilst 26% liked the loofah style products that naturally exfoliate your skin as you wash, most preferred more traditional scrubs made using coconut oil, coffee grounds and other natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft but clean – with no residue left behind once you rinse off.

So which one should you try? If you haven’t tried any yet, probably a loofah would be a good place to start

In an effort to discover which body scrubs were the absolute best, we surveyed hundreds of people on their favourite exfoliators. The results were in and the winner was clear:

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash – $7.29/16 oz. Pump Bottle

Aveeno body wash is formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal that helps prevent dry skin by locking in moisture. This creamy body wash is lightly scented, soap-free and dye-free. Users love the rich lather and how soft their skin feels after using it!

In order to find out which body scrub is the best, we surveyed people. The results are in, and here they are!

Most people prefer a body scrub that is sugar based. However, it is important to make sure that the sugar is finely ground so that it won’t scratch your skin.

In terms of scent, most people prefer a citrus or mint based scent. But some people do like more exotic scents such as lavender or even coconut.

Regular use of a body scrub keeps your skin healthier and younger looking. It helps remove dead skin cells and allows for new ones to grow in their place. This can help prevent wrinkles from forming and other signs of aging.

We all know that body scrubs are the best thing to happen to your skin. And if you didn’t know, then you do now. But how do you choose the right scrub for your skin? There are many options out there and it can be hard to navigate through them all. That’s where we come in: we surveyed over 100 people about their favourite body scrub and here is what we found.

The most popular type of body scrub was a coffee scrub, followed closely by salt scrubs and sugar scrubs. The least popular was a loofah or washcloth with some soap. The top three types of body scrubs were all made from natural ingredients which is good news for those of us who want to use less chemicals.

The most common reason people gave when asked why they liked their favourite scrub was because it made their skin feel softer and smoother after using it (which makes sense). Another popular reason was that they liked the smell of the product, followed by liking how gentle it was on their skin despite being exfoliating (also makes sense).

If you’re looking for a new body scrub, check out our top picks below!

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