Your Guide To Beautiful Clear Skin

Your Guide To Beautiful Clear Skin

By: Niva Derm

By now, you are probably starting to notice the first signs of aging. It’s completely normal for this to happen. As we get older, our skin starts to show its age by developing wrinkles and fine lines.

What are some possible causes of aging?

The skin has three layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue/hypodermis. The epidermis makes up about 75% of the thickness of the skin whereas the dermis makes up about 25%. The epidermis is actually the outermost layer of your skin and it is made up of dead cells which are constantly being shed and replaced by new ones. This happens every 28 days or so in younger people but as we get older, this process can slow down and take as much as 45 days or longer.

The dermis on the other hand is made up of living cells that include fibroblasts, which produce collagen (a protein that helps your dermis remain thick and strong). Aging can reduce the number of fibroblasts in your dermis, thereby causing your skin to lose its strength and become thinner. This can cause wrinkles to form on your body. There are many factors that

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If there is one thing they don’t teach you in school, it’s how to take care of your skin. Healthy, glowing skin is a sign of beauty and youthfulness. And nobody wants wrinkles.

Want clear skin? A simple step-by-step guide for getting the glowing, healthy skin you’ve always wanted.

There are hundreds of products on the market today that claim to give you clear skin, but the truth is that it’s all about what you put into your body. In this blog post I’m going to show you how you can get clear skin using my 3-step system. The key to having beautiful, glowing skin is a good diet and exercise as well as cleansing and moisturizing!

How to Get Clear Skin – A Blogger’s Guide

1. Wash your face two times a day with a gentle cleanser. Avoid harsh chemicals and products that will irritate your skin. You may need to try a few different products until you find one that works well for your skin type.

2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out toxins from your body. Aim for 8 glasses per day.

3. Get plenty of sleep so your body can rest and rejuvenate itself while you sleep.

4. Eat a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein such as fish and chicken. Avoid processed foods full of sugars and additives, which can aggravate skin problems such as acne.*

Having clear skin can seem like a huge challenge for a lot of people. There are so many things that you need to do to keep your skin clean and healthy. There is cleaning, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Some people have multiple steps within each process.

While all these steps may seem a little overwhelming, they are actually fairly simple to do. You just need the right products and the right routine to help you get started.

Cleaning Your Skin

Cleaning your skin is probably the most important step in keeping your skin clean and clear. The first thing that you should do is wash your face with warm water and an oil free cleanser every morning as soon as you wake up and every night before you go to sleep.

After this, you can use a scrub on a daily basis to help exfoliate your skin and unclog your pores. You should also use toner after washing your face to tighten pores and remove any excess dirt or makeup that might be left on your face.

Applying Moisturizer

The next thing that you want to do is apply moisturizer to your face both morning and night, especially if you have dry skin. When applying moisturizer, make sure that it does

It took me a while to find a skin care routine that worked, but I finally did!

I’m going to share my skin care routine with you all. It’s very simple and it has only four steps. That’s right, I was able to clear up my skin by doing just four things every day. I hope this helps some of you out there, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Wash your face every morning and night. Yes, even if you haven’t worn makeup, you should wash your face in the evening because dust and bacteria from the air can settle on your face overnight. The best cleansers will be the ones that are gentle enough for everyday use but still effectively clean your pores and remove excess oil. I recommend using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser or Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Use an exfoliant twice a week. Exfoliants are used to gently remove dead skin cells that have built up on the surface of your skin (don’t worry, this is normal). If you don’t exfoliate regularly then these dead skin cells will build up, making your complexion look dull and uneven. Dead skin cells can also clog your pores and cause break

Most of the time being in your 20’s is great. You’re young, you’re healthy and you’re enjoying life. But then you wake up one day and look in the mirror and see that pimple staring back at you!

Here are some ways to get rid of those pesky pimples:

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