Aging Hair? This 3-Step Product Is Great For Thinning Hair

Aging Hair? This 3-Step Product Is Great For Thinning Hair

By: Julia Brucculieri

I’m nearing the end of my 20s and starting to freak out about getting old. I get it from my mom, who is constantly stressing about the fact that she can’t wear certain clothes anymore or that her skin is starting to show signs of aging. She implores me to start taking care of myself now so I don’t suffer the same fate in a few years.

I’ve been avoiding thinking about it, but there’s one area I am sort of worried about: My hair. It’s nice and thick now, but I have no doubt that in a few years it will start thinning. So when I heard about this new hair care line called Dermis, I was intrigued. The products are designed specifically for women experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. The three-step system includes a cleanser, serum and conditioner, all clinically proven to help promote thicker, fuller hair in women who use it daily for at least four months.

I was sent a Dermis starter kit (you can buy the full set for $99) and used it religiously for three weeks. Here’s what happened.

The Cleans

“With a high-performance blend of lipids, this treatment is clinically proven to improve hair density and reduce the appearance of thinning hair. This treatment works by using redensyl and procapil to stimulate blood flow and circulation in the scalp. It also reduces the degradation of proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin. The result? Fuller, healthier hair with less breakage.”

Ouai’s new Dermis, a 3-step product that infuses hair with a potent, scalp-stimulating complex of peptides, was developed in partnership with Dr. Neil Sadick, one of the world’s leading dermatologists specializing in hair loss. Dermis uses a variety of ingredients to promote healthy hair growth, including peptides and antioxidants to help energize the scalp and encourage hair follicle growth. There’s also an ingredient called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is derived from adenosine nucleotides (nucleic acid derivatives) found in all living cells. ATP is an energy source that helps stimulate cellular metabolism, including collagen production and cellular turnover (it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits).

In the morning, a great way to add volume and eliminate breakage is by using the Dermis Anti-Breakage Spray. It’s an ultra-lightweight formula that helps to add volume and reduce breakage. Plus, it’s great for all hair types!

After showering, apply the Dermis Anti-Breakage Spray throughout damp hair. Comb through evenly. For best results, use with Dermis Thickening Oil. Style as desired.

For extra volume, try this trick: Apply the Dermis Anti-Breakage Spray to damp hair at the roots, then flip your head upside down and blow dry for extra lift!

Hair loss is a real concern for many women. Find out what causes bald spots and how to prevent hair loss from occurring in the first place, plus tips on treating thinning hair and using a volumizing shampoo.

When it comes to hair loss, there are many reasons why this can happen. Overall stress, hormonal changes, and even diet can cause your hair to start thinning or falling out. It’s always best to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you’ve noticed your hairline receding or bald spots forming, you might be wondering how to get thicker hair again.

One of the first steps you should take is getting familiar with your hair type and how its thickness can change over time. Going through menopause or having hormonal changes like with PCOS may make your hair feel thinner than usual. Additionally, aging can also contribute to fine, thinning hair as well.

Once you know what might be causing the issue, there are ways to treat it. There are many products out there that can help make your hair look fuller and thicker without having to resort to any drastic measures. For example, one such product is Dermalogica’s Densifique Baume D

Dermis is a skincare brand. Our products are based on nature. We started with a single product, which was later called the miracle serum, and since then we have developed products based on that same principle of natural ingredients. We believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful skin, and our products are made to help you get there.

When you look at a strand of hair, it’s hard to believe that it’s made up of three separate layers. Each one serves a very specific purpose. The innermost layer is the medulla. Not every hair has this layer. If present, it’s typically only seen in thick hairs.

The middle layer, or cortex, gives the hair its strength and structure. It determines how curly your hair is and what color it is. The biggest damage done to your hair comes from this layer.

The outermost layer is called the cuticle. This acts as your hair’s protective coating.

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