How to Prevent and Treat Inflammatory Facial Skin Diseases

A blog about inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea, acne, shingles, spider veins and cold sores along with preventative measures and what to do when these conditions arise.

If you want to prevent and treat inflammatory facial skin diseases, the first step is to identify which ones are most likely to affect you. If you have a history of inflammatory skin conditions including acne, rosacea, shingles, spider veins and cold sores, it may be worth getting professional advice. Here’s what to do:

Call your dermatologist or primary care physician if:

You have a history of facial skin diseases that are not going away or getting worse.

You get infected pimples (pustules) on your face that are painful or itch.

Your dermatologist or primary care physician will ask about your medical history and whether you have any other symptoms such as fever or chills. They will also examine your skin for signs of infection such as redness, swelling or pus-filled bumps. Your doctor will take a culture from the infected area(s) so they can identify the type of bacteria causing the infection and determine whether antibiotics are needed. If necessary, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic cream or oral medication depending on severity.

They may also refer you to a specialist such as an infectious disease specialist if they think there may be more than one type of bacteria causing the infection (for example staph and strep). They may

How to Prevent and Treat Inflammatory Facial Skin Diseases

Inflammatory conditions of the skin can be embarrassing, painful and unsightly. The skin is a sensitive organ that responds to many different internal and external stimuli. In addition to its role as a protective barrier, the skin often reflects internal health. Improper diet, stress or anxiety and lack of sleep can lead to poor skin health. In addition, certain medications, such as those used to treat high blood pressure, or natural aging can also cause inflammation of the skin.

Skin inflammation appears in many different forms: acne, rosacea and shingles are all examples of inflammatory diseases. Acne affects over 50 million Americans between the ages of 12-50 years old. It is most common during puberty but may also occur later in life due to hormonal imbalance, stress or medications. Rosacea is another inflammatory disease that affects primarily adults ages 30-60 years old and causes redness on the face with small bumps on the cheeks and nose. Other inflammatory diseases include: cold sores (herpes simplex 1), shingles (herpes zoster), sun damage, melasma (brown spots), spider veins and warts.

Inflammation is a normal part of healing but if it

Inflammatory facial skin diseases can be very bothersome and painful. It is important to know the causes of these conditions and how to treat them.

There are many common inflammatory facial skin diseases. These include:




Cold Sores/Herpes Zoster Virus

Spider Veins

The causes of these conditions range from virus, bacteria, food allergies, stress and genetics. Treatments can vary depending on the cause of the condition.

Below are some tips on how to treat common inflammatory facial skin diseases:

People that have inflammatory facial skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, shingles and cold sores are all too familiar with the physical and psychological discomfort that these diseases create.

These conditions can be made worse by stress, anxiety, weather changes, alcohol consumption, spicy foods and hormonal changes.

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